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Service Manager – I.T

ByMilanie Noriega
  • Full Time
  • Philippines
  • Posted 6 months ago
  • This position has been filled

IT Service Manager Skills and Qualifications :

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a Related Field, Experience with Computers and Networks, Experience with Customer Service, Management, Leadership, Staffing, Written and Verbal Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Attention to Detail, Analytical Thinking, Time Management, Working Under Pressure.


Job Description:

■ Determine what customers want or need in terms of IT technology related to his or her product line.
■■ Manage the process for acquiring products and services.
■■ Provide information to the business unit CIO so he or she can ensure that there is cost and capability transparency
when the business is buying a service from IT.
■■ Help the business determine if it needs to budget for future IT enhancements if there are business extensions
of IT products.
■■ Price products and services based on an understanding of the benchmark service and pricing for products and
services in the industry.
■■ Run an IT technology P&L for his or her products or services (e.g., distributed computing).
■■ Help business understand how to adjust to anticipated technology or product changes.
■■ Provide expertise and guidance as the SLA and budgeting process is completed for his or her products.
■■ Engage in the external benchmarking activities and communicate with IT strategy and architecture group related
to his or her product line to understand where their products or services are heading in the general technology
■■ Run the annual service delivery strategic-planning process for his or her products and update the technology plan.
■■ Maintain engagement with customers and IT operational groups