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Arnis Instructor / Floor Plan Reader

My raket is Floor planner or Layout Designer and Arnis Instructor.

  • I am currently working as a production supervisor in a private company of  home, office and building equipments like chandelier and many more. In my job experience and current job i learned on how to read a floor plan. If you guys want some help on how your floor plan then i can help you. Just contact me on my number. Thank you.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Graduate in Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology

Our services

  • Layout designer/ floor plan ₱1,000.00/Person

    • Floor plan

    • Layout Designer

  • Arnis Training ₱1,000.00
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    Arnis (also called Kali or Eskrima) is a generic term for the deadly martial arts of the Philippines.  It contains both barehand and weaponary arts - everything that has got to do with fighting. The  barehand combat include boxing, wrestling, grappling, pressure points and locks.  Weaponary arts include swords, sticks, staffs, knives, nunchakus, sai and all sorts of "weapons of conveinence" like the hankerchief, walking stick.  Contrary to uninformed public opinion,   Arnis is not only a stick fighting art.

    Arnis is :-
    *  Extremely practical self-defence
    *  Great all-round exercise for health
    *  Great for fitness and co-ordination
    *  Deadly Art of Empty-Hand, Stick, Sword, and Knife Combat
    *  Uncomplicated and easy to learn
    *  Performed effortlessly - no strength required
    *  Suitable for all ages and sexes
    *  Complete system of martial arts
    *  Based on the blade, but applied to empty hands and all weapons
    *  Spiritual Way of The Warrior

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I'm a freelance Arnis Instructor and Floor planner Layout Designer.
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