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About Us


Best service deals

We believe in connecting laborers with the people who need them. Skilled laborers is hard to find these days and internet is where we get

most of our answers. That is why Raketista.com was founded, to ensure more people who need work for their homes or businesses can find

the right workers who are highly skilled on their field.


Why Choose us

Expand your business by going online. By creating a profile you make yourself known to more people whose needs you can provide.

Meet new customers

You have the skill and there are clients that need them. Our job is to connect you with more people who need your set of expertise.

Grow your revenue

Expand your business with us. Not only can you be available to more people, but you can check for price listings in order to be competitive.

Build your online reputation

With every job well done is a good review and recommendation. So the more you do, the easier your get hired the next time.




Raketista Benefits

Best service deals

Saves you time

Safety first

Only Experts

Easy to get help

Seamless Communication

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